Bold As A Lion - Small Group Package (Pre-Order w/ Bonuses)
Casey Doss

Bold As A Lion - Small Group Package (Pre-Order w/ Bonuses)

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Have you ever wondered:
What is holding me back from becoming everything God called me to be?

For real...

Ever had the sense that you were created
for more, but cannot understand why more seems so far away.

Our natural tendency is to blame life when we
feel stuck. If we just had more money, more education,
or more opportunity...

Perhaps if the kids were grown and gone...
Or if we had a different job...
Maybe a different spouse...
More time...
Better looks...
And the list goes on and on...

Truthfully, none of these things are holding you back... Not at all.

Here is what is really holding you back:

The spirit of fear.

And this book will show you how to break its grip on you.


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